Research Interests


Nanomaterials are materials with at least one of their three dimensions limited to nanometer, that is, a scale that quantum effects emerge. I am particularly interested in atomic-layer nanomaterials, or two-dimensional (2D) materials, with outstanding electrical, mechanical, and chemical properties. Using preparation methods based on chemical vapor depostion, 2D materials can be prepared in large scale (~ m) and high quality with tunable transparency, disorder density, and transport properties.

2D Nano-Bio Interface

Interfacing a biosystem with 2D materials provide significant opportunities for quantifying the biological/physiological properties (pH, electrostatic potential, structure & function, cocentration, etc.) of biosystems with high sensitivity and spatial resolution. Predictions based on theoreis for conventional solid-liquid interfaces, however, fail at nano-bio interfaces. I am interested in understanding the transduction properties of 2D materials at the interface to complex biosystems.

Nano-Enabled Biosensing Devices/Systems

Atomic-layer nanomaterials are promising to allow development of bio-sensing devices with unprecedentedly high sptial resolution, speed, sensitivity, and energy-efficiency. I am interested in developing 2D device structures and transltaiton them into miniaturerized biosensing systems that can be implemented at the point of use — a highly desired technology for global healthcare, remote diagnostics, and environmental monitroing.